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Demos Glass

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Demos Glass is a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. He was born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and raised in rural Locust Grove, Oklahoma. Demos admits to finding creative ways to entertain himself. "I was always making something, whether it was a fingerless sock batting glove or a clay turtle." His experimentation through different materials has led him to the use of mixed media in his sculptural works. Demos graduated from Locust Grove High School and then attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Illinois on a wrestling scholarship, enrolled in the Fine Arts Program. "It wasn't hard for me to find my place once I saw what was happening at the art department and couldn't stay away." At the North East Oklahoma Training Center, welding was his choice of study. Realizing his early influences in southeast woodland design, Demos began to approach his contemporary art style with this in mind. Another influence he sites is the work of Chippewa artist, George Morrison, who was one of the first American Indian artists to break into the New York art scene. Demos liked the way Morrison worked the different wood pieces, puzzling them together to create wood collage landscapes. The basis of Demos' sculptural creations begins in metal; either carbon steel, stainless, pewter, or silver. Mixed with his metal materials are mussel shells, various woods and stones. Demos believes each material presents different challenges and when properly combined, the outcome can be something that is very unique. "I feel that being creative is sometimes in your subconscious and as you get into the process, the piece points out things that you didn't realize about yourself." Barely into his 3rd decade of life, Demos is an accomplished artist receiving recognition for his work in many notable exhibitions.