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Audrey Matlock Architect

East New York, NY

Architectural Firm
Design Principal

Audrey Matlock  FAIA

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A NYC studio that is committed to fusing architecture, technology, and contemporary culture. The project base is international with a range of building types that include cultural, commercial, residential, exhibition, and multi-use. The tools are analysis, research, multidisciplinary strategies, and innovative thinking. They are especially focused on the visual and performance possibilities of combining inventive engineering with architecture in the design of buildings.

An active member of the design community, Audrey Matlock participates in design juries and panels, and lectures and teaches regularly. She recently served the AIA as Co-VP for Design Excellence and Chair of the Design Awards Committee for the AIA and a Peer for the GSA. Her firm has won over thirty design awards, including ten from the AIA. In addition to frequent recognition in international publications, she recently had a retrospective of her work at Syracuse University.